Esme Greer
Sandy’s Myanmar Cuisine provides you with amazingly authentic and tasty gourmet Myanmar food at a very reasonable price. We have ordered and picked up several times from them and they never disappoint. We order ahead of time, sometimes even days ahead, and tell them what we would like to eat warm and what we want to take home in a cooler since we live a good 2 hours’ drive away. My favorites so far are: the amazing Pickled Tea Leaf Salad (also Pickled Ginger salad), Beef curry with coconut rice and sides, Chicken curry with coconut rice and sides, Fish (Hilsa) with rice and sides! Hilsa is normally a bony fish but it is cooked so well the bones melt in your mouth! Each entree is eclectically planned and served with tasty sides to create a fantastic culinary experience! They have a few vegan options as well. The vegetable curry option is a tasty pumpkin with Chayote squash and string beans! Never tasted Burmese food before!? It is time to try some and Sandy’s is a great place to start if you live in and around Portland, Oregon!
Kaiser B.
Having had several experiences with Sandy and her cuisine in the last few months, i have to upgrade my rating. The food may or may not be to your taste, that much is certainly uncertain, but the quality of the ingredients and preparation is top-notch and the personal attention to customer service is probably as good as any i've ever experienced or heard of. I haven't tried everything yet but still the coconut rice with roasted pepper flakes and chickpeas (and well-trimmed curried beef) is my favourite. It takes comfort food to a different level.
Jarred Miller
the food is hands down amazing!! presentation is amazing and tastes even better will definitely be eating from thek again! Experienced chefs · Professional staff · Creative cuisine · Great value